Camping Dec67

Photo courtesy the Wilson Family

After two-and-a-half months of biting my fingernails, waiting for feedback, imagining the worst, I received word from the book committee yesterday that I can finally begin penning the Bates Wilson story.

I was commissioned nearly a year ago to write a book about Bates Wilson, “Father of Canyonlands,” for the Bates Wilson Legacy Fund. The biography will be published in 2014. In the midst of our move and marriage, I completed the outline for the story, turned it in, and then began waiting. And worrying. But yesterday’s news included no changes to the outline, just a simple, “The consesus was that we want you to move forward with all your skills and abilities!!” Fantastic.

So, now begins the fun part: writing. Finally.

New Life, New Name, New Website

From Moab to Sandpoint. From desert to forest.

From red to green, arid to snowbound, south to north.

From homeless at home to housed amidst the unknown.

From Jackson. To Quintano.

We recently packed up our life to make room for a new one. In a week’s time, we traveled 1000 miles north, moved into our newly purchased log cabin in the woods, gathered friends and family, and we got married. In a week’s time, everything from before was changed. We now face a big, white canvas of unknown hereafters. Together. It’s thrilling.

Read about the interior turmoil preceding our move in Migration and about the events preceding marriage in Love, Part 2: Now. And keep reading, here, to find out what happens next.