It Bears (Belatedly) Noting…

Blow Sand in His Soul: Bates Wilson, the Heart of Canyonlands, my debut book, outsold Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire at Back of Beyond Bookstore in 2014. <insert the sound of my own horn tooting>

This is personally meaningful for many reasons. For one, Abbey has topped the best-seller list for 24 years running. Blow Sand is the first book to knock Desert Solitaire off the podium. Wow. Secondly, I worked at Back of Beyond a decade ago. I ordered books, stocked shelves, and dreamed of having an ISBN number of my own someday. Now I do. It’s 9780991504008…for anyone that cares. And thirdly, Ed Abbey had an enormous influence on my life trajectory. Desert Solitaire and Monkeywrench Gang taught me to fiercely love the redrock and to believe in the power of words – my words – to instigate, educate, illuminate.

Here’s the announcement from the bookstore.

Back of Beyond Bookstore

2 thoughts on “It Bears (Belatedly) Noting…

  1. So proud of you Jen! I have to say that is really something…I mean Edward Abbey for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone interested in this beautiful part of the country will love this book and so will anyone curious as to what it takes to get public land protected.

  2. Jen, I just finished Blow Sand in His Soul, having been led there by (finally) reading Desert Solitaire. What richness in your writing of a man whose legacy cannot be measured. Thank you for this treasure of a book.

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